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Quinta Valencia Guest Comments



Where to start?!  Unlike many 'holiday villas', Quinta Valencia met, or exceeded, all our expectations: the stunning views, the tranquility, the pool, the beautifully-tended gardens, and of course, the Casa Grande itself.  And then the Island different to our original perception of he Canaries.

The Green's and Seabrook's, U.K.



The Villa was far and away the best we have ever stayed in…For two families, it is fantastic, being able to have a family in each wing….We were very sad to leave, and wished we had booked another week (at least!)…Thank you for organising everything so fantastically well. It was a nerve-wracking experience taking a small baby on holiday for the first time…. We can assure you we are happy to give glowing references.

The Katz', U.K.



Quinta Valencia is everything it promised and more, with outstanding views and the perfect location.  The beautifully-kept gardens provided a tranquil place to enjoy an early morning cup of tea. We would recommend it to anybody. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind in complete privacy - even skinny-dipping in the pool if you wish!. It provides an ideal base from which to explore the Island and enjoy the mountain walks.

The Barry's, U.K.



Here we are again! -- We just couldn't stop thinking about this beautiful Island. It's been only nine months since we were here for the first time, and we hope it won't be longer than that until our next stay.  The warm welcome made us feel like we were home again…We thought this time we would be able to see the rest of La Palma, but we think we will need at least another four weeks or more. The weather has been fantastic…We will return once again when the winter back in Norway makes us want to return to the Īsland of our dreams.

The Bergendahl's, Norway



Amazing!  That about sums up our stay.  The Villa is the most beautiful place at which we have ever had the pleasure of staying.  The Island remains unspoilt, which is refreshing, especially after a day trip across to Tenerife.  Many thanks to Cees and Carlos, whose friendliness and helpfulness was well above the call of duty!  We never met Eugene, who organised our trip so well, but thanks for all everyone has done to make our stay an experience that will be hard to equal.

The Kirton's, U.K.



We truly enjoyed our stay on La Palma.  Everything went like clockwork.  The house is fantasic and the support from the staff was great!  La Palma may be off the beaten tourist track, but that's what makes it so special. A truly unforgettable experience ... We are of two minds whether to recommend the Villa or not.  On one hand we want to share the possibilities with our close friends and on the other hand we want to keep this jewel to ourselves….In short, absolutely marvellous in every possible aspect!

                                   The Pitulia's, Sweden




We found Quinta Valencia on the internet  and it looked beautiful!  It is more  beautiful than we expected! It was great to have so much space both inside the house and in the gardens, which are so well-kept.  The pool is great - whole days can be spent lazing about here.  Our kids loved it……La Palma is a very unspoilt and a very green and beautiful island. Booking by e-mail with Gene was dead easy and he was more than helpful.  Cees and Carlos worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed…

The Cowan's, Glenapp Castle Hotel,

Ballantrae, Ayrshire, Scotland




A very fine headquarters over the New Year celebrations, enjoyed by middle-aged and young alike.  Unobtrusive and very efficient guidance from Cees and Carlos ensured a smooth landing in unknown (to us) territory… A big thank you also to Eugene, our original contact, easing the path, smoothing the way…. A real holiday enjoyed by all of us…

The Grey's and Below's, U.K.




Quinta Valencia will not suit everyone. Only those who will appreciate its tranquil location, commanding views, luxurious level of comfort, sheer spaciousness and such little afterthoughts as the pool, barbecue patio, sauna, exercise room and satellite TV should consider holidaying here.  Visitors unfortunate enough to experience a day or so of ambient temperature below their expectations should find more than adequate compensation in the natural warmth with which they will be greeted by Cees and Carlos.

The Cooklin's, U.K.



Quinta Valencia is absolutely fabulous! We never drempt the Villa would be so amazing!  We could not believe our eyes when we arrived.The weather was warm by day and cool by night, but this was compensated by the glorious open fire and the central heating when required.   The Villa is very spacious.  The scenery around here is breathtaking…The local people are very friendly; no one approaches you in the street to sell you something, unlike some other holiday resorts we have visited before.  The staff are such lovely people…

The Dye's, U.K.




The Villa itself is unbelievable….we cannot believe we have stayed in such a luxurious and extravagantly decorated place… the views are fantastic and the location is peaceful and unspoilt by tourism…the gardens are lovely…the pool and other facilities were great…there's plenty of cooking and storage facilities, barbecue area, sauna, stereo, satellite TV with two English channels, sunbathing area and beds, marvellous bedrooms… Our party of nine, including a baby, had plenty of room to spread out.

The Shenton's, U.K.




Our first impression of Quinta Valencia was breathtaking...we were convinced we'd arrived at the wrong Villa, and if the view from outside was stunning, when we entered the Villa, the surroundings were superb! We scurried from room-to-room and couldn't believe our luck to have arrived at such a beautiful location….Much time was spent in and around the herb tranquil, and we must have walked every inch of the grounds…the sheer size of the Villa meant everyone had their 'own space'.. We shall certainly recommend Quinta Valencia to friends who want a special holiday away from the normal package holidays.

We can only echo comments made by previous guests regarding the quality of this Villa and the beauty of the surrounding countryside… we must praise and thank Cees and Carlos for 'pulling-out-all-the-stops'and making every effort to help us and for being so kind.  …they provided invaluable advice in so many ways.                             The Johnson's, U.K.




A very special place on a truly beautiful Island… the villa and the estate are beautifully kept with just the right amount of luxury for a great holiday…we'll be back -- thank you.

            The Averdiecks, Belgium and U.K.



It has been a perfect holiday…time with the children, a beautiful setting and Villa, and friendly, warm, and welcoming staff from start-to-finish (Gene, Cees, Carlos).  It'll be a time we remember with big beams on our faces.

            The Waltho's, U.K.





Great Villa, great service, and a beautiful Island.

The Coyle's, U.K., July, 2000



A fantastic week, lovely Villa, and wonderful people.  Thanks to Eugene for helping to organise our holiday.  The Villa was more beautiful than in the pictures, and Cees and Carlos were really friendly and helpful. I'm sure we'll return again.

The Evans', U.K.



Until now we thought the perfect holiday was an impossible dream, but Quinta Valencia made the dream possible, with something for everyone…the children loved the dogs, the pool, the sun, and the Dolphin trip.  The adults loved the Villa, the vistas, the climate, and the whole relaxing event.  Even the workaholics managed to chill out and escape the worry and stress of home….we have made up our minds and will return.

The Knott's, U.K.



This is our second visit, and we have had a very enjoyable week again at Quinta Valencia. We are already looking forward to our return again next summer!

The Iddon's, U.K.



Everything was perfect - a truly relaxing holiday.  We loved the people and the Island, and the Villa was amazing.

            The Ansell's and the Waddell's, U.K.



The pool really looked nice, specially when it was lit up…the people are so nice here and the lizzards are sweet.  I've had a lovely week…

Georgia Ansell, age 9



….it was paradise!..I spent hours every day just relaxing by the pool and jumping in for a long swim and to cool off….everywhere you look there are green trees and mountains…the people are so nice here…I loved this holiday, and hope to come many, many, many times in the future.

Emily Ansell, age 12


I had a really wonderful stay…the pool was gorgeous and so were the rest of the grounds… we had a very friendly welcome and were amazed at the gym and sauna. I can't wait for my parents to book again!                           

 Lisa Waddell, age 13



What a fantastic find!  The Villa is beautiful, the views fantastic and even the clouds had a distinct beauty of their own.  La Palma is a piece of paradise - let's hope that any kind of development is very, very slow.  Many thanks to Cees and Carlos for their hospitality and to Gene for making the booking so easy for us.  We had a wonderful week and will recommend it as a fabulous holiday spot for many people we know.

The Lorraine's, BBC, London



La Palma lived up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful Islands in the world and Quinta Valencia must be the most beautiful Villa on the Island…we wanted for nothing with Cees and Carlos providing a perfect service, obviously taking a great pride and joy in their work…we would not hesitate to recommend this place to all our friends…

            The White's, U.K.



We found this a perfect place for a large family gathering -- in our case, the grandparents from Montana, son and family from Argentina, and another family member and friend from California.

The Villa provided comfort and privacy to everyone. The children enjoyed playing by the pool and games in the living room as well as watching television.  We all enjoyed gathering by the fire.  We appreciated the large American kitchen and all its amenities - shopping for and preparing food are two pleasures possible by living in such a Villa.  My wife and I also enjoyed the hiking so easily available..the climate is perfect for such activity….we also enjoyed exploring the Island by car. The Argentine Rooney's are fluent in Spanish, including the children, 5 and 8, which made communicating easy…..Gene, back

in Buenos Aires and wanted to send you a final note for all the fine arrangements.  The house was entirely as advertised, excellent in every degree…My family had a stupendous time and would agree that it was a disappointment to arrive in the concrete jungle of Tenerife after 10 days on La Palma.

The Rooney's, Argentina, California, and Montana



After our visit last year, we were determined to return, and we weren't at all disappointed. In fact, the weather was better - and the beauty and magic of the place just as intoxicating.  Thanks again to Cees and Caerlos for making the running of things so smooth.  Really hope to be back again soon.

The Franklyn's, U.K.



It's all been said before and all the comments are accurate. Idyllic location, excellent Villa, beautiful Island and fantastic support from all of the team associated with Quinta Valencia.  Many, many thanks.  We've already re-booked for two weeks in April, 2003!

The Mackle's, Scotland



What more can be said?  What a wonderful place!  So many, many precious memories have happened here.  It has been a place of laughter and such lovely happenings.  It truly has been an extraordinary experience.  We especially thank Cees for taking charge, and Eugene for helping to organise it all.

Lord and Lady Lovelace, Scotland



A beautiful villa and fantastic countryside. La Palma never failed to surprise us.  Three holidays rolled into one.  We enjoyed a mountain jog every morning and the girls managed to shop!…We shall certainly be back.

The Crompton and Banks families, U.K. 


Quinta Valencia was everything it promised when we surfed through the internet…We were warmly greeted by Cees…..we've had a great time walking in the Caldera, exploring the north and south of the Island, eating, eating, eating, and into the sea at Puerto Naos, and just generally relaxing….The flowers and fauna have been an unrivalled delight as has the bird life…..a beautiful villa on a shining Island. A wonderful getaway.  Thanks.

The Yates Party, U.K.



Great villa, great weather; our thanks to Cees and Carlos.  Look forward to returning….

The McAlisters and Bystedts, U.K.

April, 2002


This is the best villa we've ever been to.  Nothing else will be good enough from now on!  The pool was great…The weather has been great…the garden is excellent…the children made camps and played loads of games and (enjoyed) feeding the fish and ducks…we loved eating outside by the BBQ and sunbathing by the pool.  The views were great…the supermarket is practically down the road and Los Llanos not far at all… the beds were very 'comfy'.  The layout of the villa is also perfect…Carlos and Cees were especially kind and helpful too….we cannot wait to come again…La Palma has been fascinating and we can't fault anything about this holiday!…A memorable holiday for two families - a real chance to get away from it all.  Plenty of variety from the many outside areas which kept the children amused for hours, providing adults with sun, shade, and tranquility…we hope to come back soon and enjoy the villa in different seasons and to explore more of this beautiful island.


The Nash and George families, U.K.




Paradise revisited.  Didn't really think we would enjoy it so much the second time but again we have had a wonderful visit. So relaxing, so comfortable, so beautgiful.  It was so nice to see so much done in the Villa…once again, thanks to Cees, Carlos, and Gene for making it a memorable holiday.  We will return again, perhaps in a different season.

The Knott's, U.K.


Despite some travel delays, Villa Valencia opened its doors and made us welcome.  We all immediately felt at home on our arrival and the villa was very well prepared.  It is a haven of peace and tranquility only marred by the thought that eventually we have to go home!  Cees and Carlos silently made sure everything worked for us and Pilar silently tidied up behind us.  Well done, the Villa Valencia 'team'.

One of the children wrote:  I loved the villa a lot. I played with Noba with pine cones. I fed the ducks in the pond and went for walks in the mountains.  When we searched for horse-chestnuts the spikes pricked our fingers.  The bedrooms were big and the pool was great…

The Middleton and Price families, U.K.




We have had a brilliant holiday and a wonderful Christmas which we shall remember for a long time. The weather was perfect and the setting superb.  Thank you.

The Peterson and Reid families. U.K.



…Lizz had a marvellous time in her inflatable and we were constantly amused by her wasp-trapping methods.  Cees was a star - always there when we needed…Liza will miss yoga with the lizzards…Chris proved yet again that he is the BBQ king and Rita discovered the true meaning of tweenie.  We had a fabby time, and the Barneveld's were right -- we don't intend to tell anyone about this place (they certainly didn't tell us!) …else we may not get a booking in the future. 

The White Family, U.K.



We have had a fantastic family holiday – five daughters, two parents, and two grandparents.  Wheelchair hire in Los Llanos is efficient and cheap!  Also tested the medical facilities in El Paso and tried homeopathic medicine for the first time – highly recommended.  Long may La Palma remain undiscovered!


 The Holmes and Ball families, U.K.


Quinta Valencia – What a beautiful villa – plenty of room for all of us!  Loved the scenery, pool, the beaches, and the hot sun.  Thank you to everyone who looked after us all so well.


The Baker family, U.K.


Many, many thanks to Cees, Carlos, Pilar and Gene for all their help and support.  See you yet again, hopefully.

                                                                                                                     The Mackle’s, Scotland


Another two restful weeks with some interesting interludes.....We enjoyed several walks including most of the “ruta de volcans”, giving fantastic views of the Island.  There was even snow on Roque de los Muchachos.  This is four fourth visit to Quinta Valencia, and we look forward to the next one.

                                                                                                                      The Holmes, U.K.


Wonderful villa, lovely weather. Thanks to Cees and Carlos for all their help and for a most relaxing and great week.

A warm welcome. A fantastic villa.  Fantastic vistas.  A beautiful island.  “Interesting”  roads!  Cloud formation something special to view.  Black sand beaches can be very warm... One cannot find fault with Quinta Valencia; it speaks for itself.  It and the grounds are a credit to the “QV”  team...Very, very ideal place to totally “chill out”. Will we be back?  We hope so.  We will recommend?  Most Definitely.

                                                                                               The Sidgwick and Murphy families, U.K.



Вилла Quinta Valencia - это сказочное место отдыха для тех, кто уже побывал во многих необыкновенных странах и на прекрасных курортах мира, и захотел ощутить что-то необычное, сказочное, спокойное. Красота природы, окружающая виллу, необыкновенный воздух вселяют здоровье и энергию. Несмотря на расположение в горах, совершенно не ощущается, что ты на расстоянии от океана в 15 минутах на автомобиле, дуновение ветра доносит запах его свежести. Все близко - прекрасные рестораны самой разнообразной кухни, маленькие городки с их местным колоритом и достопримечательностями; супермаркетами, где можно приобрести все что душе угодно, включая замечательные местные вина.


Мы уже мечтаем о нашей следующей возможности посетить этот прекрасный уголок на Ла Палме.

Наташа, Вадим, Женя




Villa Quinta Valencia – this is a fairy-tale place for the holidays of those who have been to many other unusual countries and wonderful resorts worldwide, and finally decided to have a sensation of something different, fantastic and relaxing at the same time. The beauty of nature surrounding the Villa, unusual fresh air implants health and energy to your bodies. In spite of the fact that the Villa is situated in the mountains, one never can feel that you are away from the ocean, only 15 minutes drive; the wind brings the smell of its freshness to you. Everything is very close by – excellent restaurants of different food types and choice, small towns with their different flavour and places of interest; Supermarkets where one can buy anything what their soul needs, including superb tasty local wines.


We are already dreaming about our next chance to visit again this exceptionally wonderful place on La Palma.

Natasha, Vadim, Eugene





To date, guests have come from England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Iran, Argentina, USA, and Russia.